UBBS London

Branding & Web Design for Architecture & Interior Design Company

Project Description

UBBS London is a highly accomplished architectural company known for its extensive experience in the residential, hospitality, and commercial sectors, as well as its proficiency in both architecture and interior design. As a digital agency, we had the privilege of partnering with UBBS on a comprehensive project. Our collaboration spanned various areas, including branding, web design and development, marketing strategy, and social media design. Our aim was to create a refined and sophisticated brand identity that truly reflects UBBS's core values. Through the meticulous crafting of a visually appealing website and the development of an effective marketing strategy, we aimed to elevate UBBS's digital presence. The end result is an immersive online experience that effortlessly showcases the professionalism and expertise that UBBS brings to each project.

Project year
Architecture & Interior Design
Scope of work
Brand Identity
Marketing & PR
Web Development