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About Rattlesnake

Our commitment.

Rattlesnake is a global branding and strategy agency, built to design exceptional and commercially viable brands. Founded in London in 2020, we work with the world's best in class design and strategy talent to transform inspired ideas into compelling brands that commit to the development of human being.

Originally created to build brands for startups, we have since grown to work with some of the most promising companies around a globe with 100+ of millions of turnover. With demand for complex solutions, we now offer our services to a wider range of clients, operating globally and remotely across time zones.

Our leadership

Mikael S.
Co-founder, CEO

Mikael is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with extensive experience in international business, finance, and technology. He holds an MSc in Finance and Management from the University of St Andrews and has worked in the technology, media, and PR and communication sectors in the UK and Italy.

As the CEO of Rattlesnake, Mikael is known for his innovative thinking and leadership skills. He drives the company's technology initiatives and vision, keeping Rattlesnake at the forefront of the industry.

Valeriia V.
Co-founder, Creative Director

Valeriia Volkova, a University College London (UCL) M ARCH Machine Learning Urbanism graduate, combines exceptional creativity with strong analytical and structured thinking. With a background in architecture and urban design, she has garnered valuable experience and worked on significant projects that have involved reimagining the flow of cities.

At Rattlesnake, Valeriia holds a pivotal role as she takes charge of Creative Vision and Operational processes, ensuring the smooth operation of all internal procedures and upholding Rattlesnake's exacting visual standards. Her expertise and dedication contribute to the seamless functioning and high-quality visual representation at Rattlesnake.